ONE PHONE CALL, PLEASE – Prasanna Bhatta

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One phone call, please
A stream of tears rolls
Enters the mouth
With sorrow and sadness.

Looking forward to getting
A voice, “How are you,
Waiting and waiting at the
In anxietyand anxiousness.

The silent mobile throws into
Futile darkness,hopeless hope
Faded anxiety, faded face
Tosses into deceased wife.

Remembering,astream of sweat
Passed through the eyes with
Peace and pleasure,
A lot of dream danced in his
sweet heart,
Dreaming his only to be on
Sweet life.

Dream is dream,
It never be in sight,
When eyelid opens and.
sees the light,
It becomes a bubble of
Vanished after seeing the

Son has much time chatting
for media and facebook ,
Too much leisure moving
with girl friends
from park to park,
But no time, no leisure
for two words..
How, Father …..???.???????

Prasanna Bhatta

Berhampur @India

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