Conundrum of Love – Lyn A. Valdez

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I never thought what love could bring to me,
All that I know is, love means happiness,
But when love falls right down into my heart;
It puts me on a limbo and dilemma is what I get.

Oh, LOVE! you’re as old as human history exist,
But your secret remains beyond anyone’s reach,
Many have infiltrated you to unravel the mysteries;
Only leading them on a maze, a labyrinth of twist.

Magicians couldn’t find and utter the right spell,
Astrologers keep searching if what star you have been,
Philosophers still pondering for right adequate schemes;
Doctors are cautious, afraid to prescribe any vaccine.

Kings have lost kingdoms for adoring perfect tiara,
Mighty warriors have fallen conquering that mystique aura,
Learned shows ignorance following sterling Athena;
But many hopeless souls succeeded inspired by your charisma.

In this new era your conundrum remains a riddle,
Teens incorporated you as part of their playful nature,
Like gadget that they consider so dispensable;
Making them vulnerable for their bright future.

Love maybe cruel or really Love is kind,
Handle it carelessly and it will surely bite,
Hold it attentively and you really gain the prize;
Love is not a word but an action to provide.

Ven-Lyn A. Valdez

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