//// Why Aberration ??.Prasanna Bhatta

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Why Aberration???
Beginning with the same
Ending with the same
Why quarrelling seven brothers
with one another,
Can’t find any answer??

Opulence with sense and
sagacity ,
Rich in abundant means and
Productivity ,
Touching the sky in Progress
and prosperity,
Exhibiting no quarrelling in
colour , religion, caste and
Showing no difference in
natural beau and beauty,
Proving no weaker in vigour
and vivacity,

?? WHY,WHY is inferiority
and superiority????????

None is responsible and guilty,
Mistake is…
Hexakosioihexakonthahexaphobia and
/**End ***/
Prasanna Bhatta, India.
@No part of this poem may be used or published or translated without the written permission of the author.

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