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Life logged in knee-deep water
its views now in total holocaust
the dreams to dream look utterly pale
as my wishes do shatter to no avail.

The death in the innermost core of my heart
unexpectedly visits my royal realm time and again
reminding me of my aims and aspirations
to trap me tight into the trap of name and fame.

The closer I see into the darkness visible at this stage
the more confident I tend to become
the higher my spirit soars to reach the azure sky
the deeper I fall to ponder on my lapses at bay.

My voyage of life sailing smoothly against all odds
to explore the unexplored lands of my choice
my materialistic mindset falls a victim unfortunately
and I find myself lost or wayward thoroughly.

Where moves my sail and where to harbour
with my anchor failing to work so well
my spirit and strength gradually fall flat
in the face of time, so audacious and autocrat!

Dasharath Naik

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