Every Cloud has a silver lining-Abundia Romulo

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Name Abundia Romulo
Country -Philippines

On the wings of Love
I took a ride
On its back I stood astride
Across the sea far and wide
Spreading the message of hope to all mankind

Along the horizon as I gazed below
Dark faces of poverty and hunger I saw
Full of compassion I came to rescue
Astounded I was when they say a simple hug will do

My heart bleed when wealth I can offer none
My time and talent I can spare to some
Much as I wanted to give my all around
But the world is huge I am just a tiny grain of sand

Past across to the farther East
I heard a clamour of war and unrest
Displaced victims in exodus heading west
Where they will go or survived to say the least

Oh ! What a pity sight
If only I could alight
To comfort them to ease their plight
From above I could only make the sign of heart ❤️
To boost their spirits that the silver lining is already at sight

I soared high above the clouds
Calling the omnipotent God aloud
Begging to send His legion of angels to roam around
To guide those people to a place safe and sound .

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