Every cloud has a silver lining -Bijayalaxmi Rath

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Life volatile.
Takes the turn according to its wish.
Asked own self,
“What went wrong?”
“Why all these sad brumous clouds for me?”
Can l survive?
Full of tears, blurred vision of future.
Just one sentence from my mother changed life’s scenario.
“Challenges taken, life happens. Dear ,you are my Musk deer.”
Dive deep and explore potentialities of your own.
Sufficient for inner transformation.
In a disciplined way polished my will power.
Standing alone ,l explore.
Every dusk promises a dawn.
My challenges certify me as a warrior.
My struggles salute me as a survivor.
My ink evaluates me as a writer.
My profession rewards me as a teacher.
I proved myself a scratch free magical jewel.
As a phoenix l emerge.
Feeling of a real Musk deer.
Silver lining smiles at the distant horizon.
Bijayalaxmi Rath .

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