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I know not
how to live without you,
how can I die
when are you not around?
My love! be there
with all your passion and grandeur
till I breathe my last in your lap and
lose me in you forever.

It seems
since time immemorial
we are with each other
but time has come for
one to bid farewell
to the other.

The single entity we are,
a single pair of eyes to
look at the world, a single heart
a single pair of ears to feel life
and smell its fragrance.

All along I am with you,
feeling me in you
and you in me,
enjoying and enduring each moment
of our joy and sorrow.

It aches when a single entry
cuts into halves,
the soul is made to leave the body.
It deeply pains when you
leave the special one you love
all alone
to fight the battle of life
on his own.

You know
I can not live without you
but you can live
though there will be
hardly any life in you.

In between you and me
there is a thread of love
which will be there
when I will be no more
that love and longing
will make your pain endure
and let my vermilion shine
with all its colour.

Be sure my love!
I am always yours
always with you
here and hereafter

copyright@smrutranjan 11.7.2017

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