My mere wishes – Dr.Suresh Chandra Sarangi

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In search of peace and love
My heart wonders although
To attain this superficial desire
To do just what we like
Is there not also a deeper want
An urge to do something creative,
our of ourselves ,
But we really are not able,
freely, spontaneously ,
to do what we want,
There is contradiction,
A conflict, between what we want
to do and what we should do
What we want to do
Begins to give away,
To disappear and
the other things remains
What should we do,
The ideal that others want us to do.
There is a demand
To do something creative,
Just really out of myself.
But to find out
What the action out of myself is,
requires a great deal of understanding.

 Dr.Suresh Chandra Sarangi

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