The false arrogance – Dr.Suresh Chandra Sarangi

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God has created the poor and the rich
Do you hate the poor women
Who is carrying
The heavy basket on her head.
walking on the way
from her hut to the market.
Do you hate her with her
torn clothes,dirty ?
Or do you feel
a sense of shame that
You are well clothed.
When you see another
with almost nothing
and working day after day
and year after year,
which is it that you feel ?
An inward sensation,
That in a sense of,
I have got everything,
that woman has nothing.
Here we are using
The wrong would hate.
It may be really that
you are ashamed of yourself
and being ashamed,
you push away that
Which disturbs you.

Dr.Suresh Chandra Sarangi

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