Shadows – Dasharath Naik

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Nowhere to hide my stained face now
for things are not what they appear
tentacles everywhere piercing deep &
life running behind time looks so dull.

Meanness darkens the youth in me
my vigour all freezes against all odds
suspicion grabs me from all sides &
me feelings suffocated sans a smile.

Likes are but meaningless meanings
exist now in my shadow utterly green
the oasis of life looks just a mirage &
craziness evaporates like boiling water .

Symphony of orchestra not in a tune
the time fleets but at a very slow pace
words in my closed door feel hapless
as my dreams prompt narrow escape.

Evils in beautiful attire trap me more
though stands erect morality in danger
personality splits, me in new form exist
beyond my understanding here & there.

 Dasharath Naik

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