Distant love – Dr.Suresh Chandra Sarangi

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Love is free from borders
Boundary and distance
Near or far no matter.
It can fly from earth to sky
Even everywhere.

Heart scored
From the pain of distant love
Hearts that cry with longings
Missing a distant love
Hearts that bleed
from suffering so much
Suffering from a different love
Hearts that beat uncompassed
Crazy to find that distant love
In love hearts
Hitting desperate
For having a distant love
Anguished hearts
Who suffers in silence
Silence of the distant love
It’s suffering hearts
One day who knows
This distant love
No appointment
Surprise with you
A fascinating time
How sad it is to have
A distant love

How painful for them
Who are living far away
from beloved
Sun and lotus,
Moon and lily
For a distant love

Let’s acquire knowledge
On love and affection
The power of love
CreatingMental agony
How it’s essential for
human beings
Let’s not forget the love
From the core of heart
since it is divine gift .

DrSuresh Chandra Sarangi

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