The distant mountain appears good – DrSuresh Chandra Sarangi

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Everyone is under great
stress, strain and tension
Suffering is so acute,
The poor man is unable to mention.
From the distance the mountain
Appears to be blue
Is that the Mount natural hue ?
Water in the sead, ponds and rivers
In color they differ,
The poor is oppressed due to
homeless hunger and fear
Like the heavy showers of rain
Out tear crocodile’s eyes
Don’t be silly breath
To take it’s cry.
For twelve hours the sun races
From east to west
May I be wrong to say
The sun is always at rest ?
Our eyes are received,we are made
Into a blind sect,
Don’t deny and monotune Allies !
All the we see are not exact.

DrSuresh Chandra Sarangi

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