Softness of illusion – DrSuresh Chandra Sarangi

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Who are you
to connect with the outer world
thinking.the positive hope,
truth and Transquility,
for peace and meditation ?

Who are you ?
Who speaks of truth,
Pleasure and passion,
And leaves on dreaming
with an illusion ?

Who are you
So young and vein
and can speak….
of Beautiful things
to conquer the mind ?

Who are you
Who thinks great
and don’t get tired of fighting,
for study,work and high amb
for dreams to come true ?

Who are you
So kind and attractive,
with an engaging look,
who speaks softly
Controlling the senses of organs ?

Who are you
Searching for Reality
emotion and endorsement
love of mesmerising
and substratum of knowledge
without fear of death ?

DrSuresh Chandra Sarangi

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