My dreaming freedom – Dr Suresh Chandra Sarangi

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Every one has born free and
To Live free with Joy
No-one should feel unhappy.
Everyone should have,
Greater courage of speech,
action, thought,and
Independent will,
With peace, progress and
Scientific socialism.

I am a free human being.
With an independent life.

I don’t be afraid
Fear of taking chances,
For we are free
Free to fly
Fly high
Flying away
To be able to reach
The goal, the dreams
Where happiness is
If we are afraid.

We won’t leave the place
We will stand still in time
Without dreams, being able to fulfill
That’s why we have wings
Wings to fly
Like the birds that fly
In search of good place
To be able to rest and
Keep dreaming.

I am an independent,
Free born and free bred
Where I am sure
No man as my superior.
None will be able to crush my spirit

No one outside our selves
Can rule us inworlddly
When we know this
We become free.

Dr Suresh Chandra Sarangi

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