My dreams of gift -Prof.DrSuresh Chandra Sarang

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Last night I dreamt
With a positive attitude.
I saw many fairies in the dream ,
I was astonished knowing secrets of my heart.
Life is a box of surprise,
Inside this box we receive good and bad gift
Depending on each one of us,
what to do ?
How to do ?
The gift we save and discard
looking their quality and nature.
I keep only the good gifts
like love, affection, attention,
Dedication, devotion and determination.
These are essential for my life journey.
The messages which are not good for me
I throw those away.
So I see the bright side of the messages
Which we all open everyday..
Receive only good gifts.
If a man plays no part
In the acts thus appointed
His living is evil,
His joy is disappeared.

Prof.DrSuresh Chandra Sarangi

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