Hollow Man – Binod Dawadi

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Hollow Man
I am nothing , you are nothing ,
I don’t earn any things and you earn something ,
You have luxurious things but I don’t have any thing,
You enjoy in your wealth, but I don’t enjoy at any such things,
You can full fill your dreams and desires there is no any things,

You can’t buy and do, but I cannot buy one needle also ,
But also you were not happy with your things also,
I have nothing but also I could be happier than you ,
Don’t show your status and your things, you,
Are a big zero and I am too a big zero ,

You have dominate and hate other people don’t be hero,
Because I know as well how to make a hero a zero,
We have nothing that is in our name ,
This life is also not ours written to our name,
You are hollow man and I am also hollow man ,name ,

Beside your name is hollow so this things know always,
If you are my father than I am your grandfather here always,
In this things, you have nothing which is yours for always,
Know these things , so that you could be happier in your life , man
You are also hallow man and I am also hallow man.

Binod Dawadi

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