Nature and Ink .©Sushant Thapa 

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A fair nature in bliss 

Dwells in a fortunate land 

Created by one’s own perception. 

Terrors have sounded bad

Even in writing. 

Reading a song full of longing

Eyes search for dreams to shut their lids

In relief and shelter from the painful reality. 

The universal only accepts the personal 

When nature is at bliss. 

Creation is a joy 

A way to continuity is above all a fair 

Retrieve from the cave of time. 

To shine, to live 

To struggle and to rise 

There are notions of success 

Society is a writers ink 

If words are his link to commonhood. 

Timeless thoughts gather in the echo 

The chamber of heart awakes forever. 


©Sushant Thapa 

Biratnagar-13, Nepal

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