I am nature – Rabindra kumar Sahoo

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I’m mysterious
I’m old
and creator of
all creatures
I am Nature.
I’m the
teacher of all teachers
I’m the Inventor
I’m the Discoverer
Human being
thinks himself
he is the soul author
of this Nature
but he doesn’t know me
and he wants to be the
Creator of the Universe
He is always trying me
to capture
But I was, I am and
I will be the truth forever
I am Nature .
No one can capture me
No one can buy me
No one can sell me
I am the creator
The foolish human being
is forgetting about this
I am the Father, Mother &
Fore Father of this Universe
and also I am the well wisher
Of all living beings
I’m Nature.
I created each and everything
for all the living beings
I have no self interest and
no interest to capture
the Political power
Always I was, I am loving
all the Creatures
without any self interest
I’m Nature.
The Hills, Mountains,Forests,Air,
Water, streams,River, Lakes,Seas,
Oceans,Deserts, Subcontinent,
Continents &
entire Environment are
Created and Controlled by me .
They are also obeying my order
Entire Environment
of this Universe is my kingdom
and they are coming my under
I’m Nature.
I’m so powerful
I’m so beautiful and
so dutiful
No one can imagine
my attitude, behavior and nature
I’m Nature .
I had no self interest
Now I have no interest
to beat human beings
But Human beings are selfish
Polluted the entire Social,
Political, Economical,
Environmental conditions
of the Universe
Still I was present, I am present
and I will be present forever
I’m Nature .
I’m the creator of Sun, Moon,
Stars,Planents, Satellites and
Other Solar bodies
They all are coming my under
All are continuing and
performing their duty
by my regular asusual order
They are not the deviator
of my order
All things, rules and regulations
may be changed and deviated
Which are created
by human beings
but my rules and regulations
never be changed and deviated
It was continued, now continuing
and will be continued forever
I’m Nature .
Man should learn from me
I’m so powerful, dutiful, beautiful
I’m the Creator of the
entire Environment and globe
I’m the Creator of the
all creatures
I’m the teacher of all teachers
I have no Proudness,
no Selfishness
I think I am the
Servant and Slave of
all my Creatures
I am Nature.

Rabindra kumar Sahoo
At/ Po- Binayakpur
PS- Pipili
Dist – Puri
Pin -752104

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