Oh Bird – Rabindra kumar Sahoo.

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Oh Bird,
You are the
Beauty of the nature
You are the best Singer
You are the voice of the nature .
Oh Bird,
You are the flying creature
You are the safeguard of nature
You are the
Natural Sanitizer of our nature
Most of you are vegetarian &
some of you are Non vegetarian
You all are the wonder of nature.
Oh Bird,
Your nest is very beautiful
Feeding to your baby
is very wonderful
Always you all are dutiful.
Your life is discplined &
you all know about the
meaning of unity
No one of you
never depend on others
and always busy in your duty .
You all are helpful to each other
You always try to live & fly in gather
You believe in group &
live peacefully together .
Oh Bird,
You all are beauty
and wonder of the nature
You all are sharing in nature
You may be flying Creature
but you are more discplined
and cooperative than
human nature
Human beings should
learn from you
about these nature .
Oh Bird,
You are the more beautiful,
more labourioous & wonder
of the nature
You are so sweet Singer &
caring in nature .
Oh Bird,
You are the wonderful
Creature of our nature
Beautiful Beak, wing and
Colourful feather.

Rabindra kumar Sahoo.
Mob no. 9437304687
At/Po – Binayakpur
PS – Pipili
Dist – Puri
Pin -752104.

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