THE SERPENT AND phaalevar – Dr Santanu Kumar Dash

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The king cobra sheds off her skin

The peel says the story of her origin

About the qualities endowed with in her
Very agressive and mischievous in nature

The petals perish prematurely before bloom And fall from the bud earlier they blossom
But never do they forget to eulogize the plant parent
For the fragrance transfused to the flowers smelling like scent.

A part or a product or a remnant of anything
Speaks their nature and history of everything
A vicious soul cann’t become virtueous
And the virtueous cann’t turn into malicious

A serpent in oasis can never behave like a good samaritan

Serving weary travellers in the desert Arabian

But the sweet fragrance of cactus flower soothes everyone

Wafting through the waste land’s breeze prejudicing none.

-Dr Santanu Kumar Dash

Rabindra niwas,vss nagar, bhubaneswar,odisha,pin-751007

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