Can We? – Sushant Thapa

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Can we reach somewhere on our own?

If we cannot drive or are inside way too long

Reading the wayfaring or

Seafaring journey

An island like university in memory

Your words feeling the survival

A gate locked for keeping away trespassers

A fakir giving you looks through the net gate.

Travelling in the mind

Opened from sub-conscious

Beautiful yellow rays on the recent

Face of marinated eyes

Ready to cook the recipe of vantage.

The fakir peeps through your net gate

He sees your barricaded compound

Does he want shelter in your home?

A shelter from his wet storm

Howling in his rusty heart and intoxicated high head

A pious ash shines in his forehead

Like baba’s healing grey Vibhuti.

Our world can crumble into dust

Sawdust of ashes we are

A hanging droplet

Clinging its last life.

Sushant Thapa

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