Poetic Differences – Sushant Thapa

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When poetry chooses you

You have no choice but to sound poetic

A subversion and alteration of the binaries

Voices out of the fire.

No morality superimposed

A third eye view

That is clearer than the other two views

And shadows the reality.

A beauty in Narcissism

A future of choice in it.

A true self seen closely in the narcissistic mirror

While the healthy escapes the view.

Time for everything comes in the poem, eventually.

Perhaps a poetic prose will follow soon.

Less travelled roads leading to make all the differences

A soul in the body

Not separated completely.

When the holy poetic verses

Preach the faith to the child

The child is a learner with a habit of unlearning every other reality.

By Sushant Thapa, Biratnagar, Nepal

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