LIKE DESERT MISS THE RAIN! – Dr.prasana Kumar Dalai

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I step of the train,.

I am walking down your street again..

And pass your door..

But you don’t live there any more.,

It’s year since you have been there.,

And now disappear some where.,

Like out space….

You found some better place..

Like desert miss the rain.,

You were always ahead ..,

I look up at your 🏠 house…

And I can I can almost here you shout down to me.,.

Where I always to be…

I have been hanging round your old address….

And the year have proved can I confess?

And I miss you like desert miss the rain…

I can’t stop the feeling and there is nothing I can do.,

Cause I see everything , when I looked at you.

Dr.prasana Kumar Dalai.



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