Guise in Disguise – Prasanna Bhatta

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How adorable bewitching
cute girly girl !
Quivering lips & long dropping
dimple attract all.
A black mole on rosy cheek
abuts her beauty to acme,
waist long curling dying hair
with a Bulgaria rose ,
Heart throbbing smile &
beckoning eye lids thrill
mine ,
Walking proudly but prudently,
shaking the shoulder hiding
her real guise

Hip and hep of ampulla and
abdomen is dexterous and
Shows chesty & haughty on
her physical appearance ,
Her notifying naval, slim waist
and slender body puzzle
each and everyone to
quench the scene.

My mind is completely & fully
hubbub and horrible,
Reddish ray of the Sunshine
kisses on her cheek, makes
bright red,
Lipstick burning lips glistening
like a wintry Bulgaria rose,
Looking like a burning lamp
attracts the moths to jump
and die,
Couldn’t help closing nearer
and nearer,
Felt , an heavenly angel was in
hand listening her hlw & hii,
Gazed and stared at her with
out dropping and dropping
the eye lids ,
Much curiosity clinched me to
know about her where
Instantly, an aristocratic car
threw a wet blanket,
She was vanished from my
dreamy world with in a
twinkling of an eye ,
Leaving the blink of an eye shot
my heart that threw me
into cobweb.

Abstruse who that lady
My inward eye captured her day
and night in pensive and
impulsive mood,
My angst and anguish forced
me to the bed with
shoes and dress.
My body couched on soft bed
butmind roamed around
her and her charming cave,
My azure tossed me to close
my eyes to have a lovely
and lovable dream ,

At morning, lost my resistance
& repelling , anxiety and
Knowingly or unknowingly, my
finger was at her door bell,
Door opened and appeared a
lady that I have no words
to describe,
Felt as if a ghost stood before
Shocked & stunned and asked
about her.
Answered me, she was none
other than me,
Touching my make up made
her so,
Thinking, disguise in guise
made me a fool myself.
I returned with out moving back
laughing a fool’s laugh.
Young generation, becareful
to make up world, it is full
of guise in disguise of
lasty an testy ladies

( Copy right reserved, any part is not allowed to make copy without permission)
@ Berhampur,
Odisha, India.

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