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If I could turn the clock back where it has just begun,
And rewind the day before I let you down,
I’ll braid our love together and tie it to the sun,
Loop it around the moon and lace it in my mind.

So ,when dawn arrives to flash silhouette of your heart,
And reflects an opalescent landscape for brighter life ,
Will remind my lone spirit of your decorous love,
That should caress and hold with gentle touch.

Until dusk permits the moon to radiate its ray,
Revealing the heaven’s splendour and majesty,
Corresponds your character and exquisite beauty,
That shouldn’t be ignored and neglected willfully.

I’ll clasp your hand so tight, cuddle you in my arms,
And ask you for a dance under the shining moonlight,
With that sweet melody I’ll quote my serenade of love,
While offering the ring to prove my untainted vow…

If only I could is just an assuming aspiration,
Like heaven at night with its bright glaring moon,
Cloak by dark dense cloud and rain all of a sudden,
Like teardrops from a soldier who lost his beloved nation….

Ven-Lyn A. Valdez

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