THE BLIES OF LIFE -Dasharath Naik

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The wind howls through the SAJANAA tree ;
The dragon flies dance madly
To the tune of pattering drops of rain ;
Life laments sitting in the rocking chair ;
Crows pick the scraps of stale chapatis
Merrily from my courtyard .

Have you ever seen
Flowers weaving knots of trust ;
The layer of poison
On the rosy lips of the beloved ?

Have you ever heard
The heart breaking moan of the sparrows ;
The carefree branches swinging
To attract the free birds
And singing their love for the clod of the earth ?

The struggle of life goes on nonstop
Even after every colour fades ;
The trampled grass even yearns
to live
To taste wholesomely
The bliss of life and its grace.

Dasharath Naik

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